How to Clean Your Main Swimming Pool Drain

A main swimming pool drain is considered as the main site of all drainages for a pool of any size. Keeping an unobstructed and clean main swimming pool drain is very important to prevent of debris or dirt buildup and potentially damaging algae in your pool. Aside from the maintenance of the chlorine levels and pool’s water, be prepared to monitor and clean the main pool drain in a regular basis in order to maintain your swimming pool in the best condition it can be. The following are some of the few steps on how to effectively and safely clean your main pool drain. 

  1. Gather Your Materials

Prior to starting the task of cleaning your main pool drain, collect the required materials and tools for the maintenance of your swimming pool such as: 

  • Nets 
  • Clog buster 
  • Waste bag 
  • Pool chemicals and some other pool cleaning equipment 

The tools needed to clean your main pool drain are usually minimal and can be bought at any local pool supply outlet. The waste bag is very important to gather the debris and dirt or other items which you collect from the drain or pool by hand. 

  1. Clean Huge Debris Manually

Know the location of the main pool drain site and take out any huge debris by hand which might have become around it or caught in. These large debris may include leaves, twigs, branches and any other plant materials, wastes and a lot more. Put all these large debris into the waste bag. Furthermore, this is the initial step towards cleaning your main pool drain however, in order to most effectively finish the task, you will have to clear the debris out which may have accumulated in your main pool drain that you can’t take out by hand.  

  1. Clean Your Main Pool Drain with the Use of a Clog Buster

The clog buster is an important tool that connects to one end of your pool drain and uses automated mechanisms to push the debris out of the opposite side of the pool drain. This is a great method to clean pool drains of materials that are too small to take out by hand or that is very hard to reach. Affix the equipment to your main pool drain and then, activate it following the clog buster directions. 

Repeat the procedure until your clog buster no longer collects debris from the inside of the main pool drain. Discard the gathered debris into the waste bag. 

  1. Clean the Swimming Pool and Adjust the Needed Chemicals

While you are cleaning the pool drain, take some time to collect any floating objects or debris which might have landed into your swimming pool. With the use of a net, clear out the excess debris from your pool and gather it in your waste bag. After doing that, take chemical test and then, adjust the chlorine levels as well as the pH levels of the pool water as needed. If you need more information about the proper cleaning of your pool drain, click here. 

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