Pool Maintenance Secrets You Should Know  

How much are you spending to keep your pool clean, safe, and useful? It must be a lot. Experts recommend cleaning pools at least twice weekly to keep it in its best form. That’s a lot of maintenance time required, especially if you have a fairly big pool to think about. But then again, it is regular pool maintenance that keeps you away from bigger expenses later on.  

 Pool Maintenance

If you want to know how the pros do it, read on. Below are some of the secrets that are shared by pool maintenance professionals to homeowners who want to keep their swimming pools nice and pretty all year long.  

  1. Your pool needs frequent maintenance and there’s no shortcut to it. 

This is getting straight to the point and that’s how it is. There’s no way around frequent brushing and regular skimming. You can’t have a pool and not maintain it. If you keep postponing your maintenance duties, then that inviting blue water will turn into ugly brown or green and you won’t be able to use it.  

  1. You don’t need to drain your poolall the time

Green and brown pools are caused by a lot of things, but mostly by the imbalance of chemicals. While you think that draining the pool of its water would do the trick, well, it might. But that’s too much work, a lot of hassle, and you won’t be able to do it on your own either way. The solution to green or brown pool water is water testing. You must test the pool water for chemical balance, clean it, and then restore the balance. That may sound simple but it does take a lot of knowledge and experience.  

  1. Clean your filtersby addingTrisodium Phosphate.  

Filters are constructed in such a way they can absorb unwanted residue from the water. But that residue will build up over time. When that happens, you’ll have to change your filter. However, if you regularly clean the filter and then put in trisodium phosphate to it, you’ll be surprised as to how it lasts you longer than usual.  

  1. Learn how to read the gauge. 

The gauge tells you when the pool needs intensive cleaning. Once the flow of water into the pool starts to decrease, then it means that the filter cartridges are not working properly. Just be sure that the pressure gauge is working properly when you check because it might be feeding you wrong data to begin with. 

  1. Seek the help of professionals. 

Learning how to maintain your own pool is not really rocket science. But you need the guidance of the experts every so often. If you don’t want to call them up twice a week or even once a week, monthly pool water inspection performed by the professional should be sufficient. They would know if you need a part or two replaced. Following their advice would technically keep you on the safe side. So go out there and get yourself the highest level of pool maintenance is known for.  

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What is an Open Roof Valley? 

Expert roofers exactly know that the valley is considered as one of the most vulnerable areas of your roof since this is where the planes of the roofing system intersect. If the valley of your roof is not properly sealed or protected, it will possibly channel water into your home with potentially damaging consequences.  

 Open Roof Valley

As a matter of fact, there are two common types of methods for constructing roof valley that have been widely used by roofing contractors nowadays and each can come with the own pros and cons. These are the closed valley and open valley. But in this article, we will only discuss about the open roof valley and in the later part, you will be able to learn how to repair a leaky open roof valley. 

Things You Should Know About an Open Roof Valley 

In an open valley, copper or steel metal is always used and it is fastened to the deck of the roof. The metal is often painted beforehand in order to best complement the color bend of the shingles. Roofing shingles are installed and then sealed after cutting where they overlap with the metal channel. According to an expert, an open valley system can be able to hold up better over time provided that the rest of the shingles roof is installed and performing properly and professionally. This is the reason why you have to make sure that you only hire a professional roofing contractor for any roofing project.  

Furthermore, because of the open valley’s metal construction, expert roofers said that open valley system may shed water and ice more quickly that could help minimize the loss of granules. In addition to that, if the open valley system is correctly and professionally installed, it will be able to provide a unique aesthetic, most especially when you use a copper coil or painted stock.  

How to Repair Your Open Roof Valley 

You might probably have checked your shingles, shakes, or looked for water pooling on your roof, but still, your roof is leaking. Now is the right time that you inspect your roof’s flashing and open roof valleys as they can also be the cause of the leak. Below, you’ll find a quick guide to fixing your leak open roof valley. 

Make sure that you inspect your open roof valley for any holes along the joint. Try patching small holes using the same kind of sheet metal that your roof valley is made of. As we have already mentioned above, most open roof valleys are made of copper or aluminum steel. Using a different metal to patch your open roof valley will possibly lead to corrosion. Next, you have to clean the valley’s surface using a wire brush and cut the patches of the sheet metal around two inches bigger around the hole. Lastly, apply thick roof cement coating on affected area followed and then press the patch into place. Spread more coating of roof cement over the edges in order to seal out the water. If you think you can’t be able to do it correctly, then consider hiring a professional residential roofing company in Denver. 


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Ideal Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

in case you have a secret guidebook to remodeling your bathroom, the task would be straightforward. However, it may seem like today, most of the bathroom remodeling secret tips are only disclosed to the experts. With these secret guidelines, anyone could remodel their own bathrooms with ease without the help of an expert. As a matter of fact, if you know these secret tips, you can expect professional outcomes by yourself. The following are some secret remodeling tips which can help you achieve your expected bathroom makeover. 


Sometimes Simplicity Gets the Best Results

Many of the people in most situations think that bathroom remodeling can be too expensive. Other might think it should be very detailed in order to get the best outcomes. Hence, many rip out of arrogance. Some may attempt to install new ideas to get something dramatically stylish. But instead, you must take a tip from professionals and perform less. Some tips may be too simple but the result will be second to none.  

  • Strip the whole wallpaper down and have new neutral colors. 
  • Replace all the accessories or appliances that are no longer needed rather than getting another vanity. 
  • Change your pattern. Replace your old shower door with a new door or shower curtain. 
  • Replace your sink with a new design. 
  • Replace only the vanity countertop. 
  • Instead of changing the whole vanity with modern things, you may just paint the old ones. 

Color Definitely Matters

Another secret remodeling tip which experts know is that the paint flours don’t matter. When making a makeover checklist of your bathroom, keep in mind that the color doesn’t appear anywhere. Nonetheless, always remember that you have to choose more than one paint. In addition to that, there is one rule of getting only one color which is most in your room. However, you may also follow another rule which is having one dominant color and mix it with some small colors from other portions of your home with the same accent color. Furthermore, you may still get the main color for the whole room. While on your ceiling, you may get a brighter color. 

Many individuals would want their bathrooms to have big spaces and so, taking the space back is one of the secret tips you should know from a professional bathroom remodeling in Denver. A bathroom may look one of a kind just by simply getting rid of something and with that, you can make as much space as you would want. You can also consider downsizing your toilet as well as get rid of some of your shelves from your wall. Determine and recognize the things that you may want to leave out and remove them to create large spaces. Sometimes, creating large spaces is one way for an excellent bathroom remodeling project. 

Therefore, with all those secret remodeling tips mentioned, you don’t have to fear bathroom renovation anymore. They let you remodel your bathroom like a pro without spending much. Aside from that, it breaks down the project to a much simpler task with good results. 

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Simple Ways to Maintain the Exterior of Your Home

The good condition of the exterior of our homes is very important. Having a good looking and functioning exterior would boost the aesthetic appeal of our property, drawing positive impression and remarks from our guests and neighbors. This good aesthetic appeal can also improve the value of our property; this is especially important if we are planning to sell it. 

The good condition of our exteriors doesn’t only equate to good looks; it also means a better function that leads to better comfort on the inside. Maintaining our exteriors, however, is quite work, but we should invest energy and money to it. After all, this is the place where we live. To give you a guide, here are the simple ways to maintain the exterior of your home. 

Exterior of Your Home

1. Clean your Dryer Exhaust

The dryer exhaust, which is often the vent, should be cleaned regularly. A dirty and clogged dryer exhaust can be very dangerous, and can be the source of fire hazards; it can also reduce the efficiency of your dryer. Have them inspected by professionals and let them repair if there is something wrong. You can also clean it yourself by removing the vent closing and vacuuming the vent walls. 

2. Repair the Cracks

One of the most undesirable looking damages to your home are cracks on your door or windows; you should repair them immediately. For your doors, caulk the cracks by using sealants, and finish it off by applying fresh and new paint. For your windows, it is better to replace the glasses completely. Contact excellent professionals for double glazing repairs, Bolton 

3. Repair your Roof

Roofs often last for about twenty to twenty-five years (depending on the material), and if the age of your roof is near this number, it is better to contact roofing service and ask for professional advice.  

One sure sign that our roofs need repair is when it is leaking. If the damage is not occurring in many places, we can still repair it on our own. To do this, first determine what part of the roof does the leaking come from. Go to your roof with precaution, and inspect faulty shingles, which are often cracked and bent. Replace it with a new one, by applying concrete on its underside and install it in place. 

4. Repair the Driveway

Another component of our exterior that should be maintained regularly is our driveway. Holes and cracks in our driveway are very unsightly; the holes can hold up dirty water from rains, which can have bad odors; it can reduce the value of our property. You can remediate this problem by filling the holes and patching up cracks with cement. If the damage of your driveway is extensive, it is wiser to call for concrete contractors. 

5. Repair and Clean the Deck

The deck of your home can add a considerable amount of appeal to your property, or it can lessen it significantly. Make sure to clean it properly by washing or scrubbing, making it look new and shiny all the time. 

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