Reasons to Consider Buying a Used Vehicle

Thoroughly Inspectedand Certified 

Certified pre-owned cars assure used vehicle buyers that they are really getting a thoroughly inspected, high quality vehicle that is also, a bargain. As a matter of fact, certified pre-owned cars have been thoroughly refurbished, inspected, as well as certified by the manufacturer itself or other certifying authority in order to make sure that the car is high quality. In addition to that, certified pre-owned cars usually have an extended warranty, as well as other benefits including special financing. On the other hand, new vehicles simply hold the assurance that they’re brand new. 



Some used vehicles still have part of their own original warranty. In addition to that, other used vehicles might have the option of making a new warranty. Aside from that, an extended manufacturer warranty on used vehicles can be able to provide factory trained auto technicians to repair your vehicle with speedy service and high quality parts. Plus, you can also use some of the money you have saved for not buying a new vehicle and have a great warranty that can cover everything until a hundred thousand miles or more. In fact, no new vehicle can offer that. 

MuchLower Insurance Premiums  

If you’re in a vehicular accident with your new vehicle, your insurance company will be the one to pay for what the vehicle is worth at that time, making it leave a gap between the buying price and what the car is really worth. This is actually where gap insurance enters the picture. Gap insurance covers the difference between the amount of money you have paid for your new car and its depreciated value, however, it can raise your insurance premium. As a matter of fact, gap insurance is not that necessary anymore with a used vehicle since the depreciation have already taken place. 

Best for the Environment

Almost one quarter of the carbon monoxide every car produces during its life cycle tend to occur during initial shipment and manufacturing. Purchasing a used vehicle actually reduces the output of carbon monoxide into the environment. Used vehicles also impact the ecosystem less than hybrid, newer cars. As a matter of fact, hybrid cars use lead-acid, lithium-ion, or nickel-metal hydride batteries, which have a much larger and more dangerous impact to the environment compared to a used vehicle because of the toxic waste that has been left behind by acid and batteries. 

Lower Annual Registration Fees

Most states impose that the rate of the annual registration fee of your car is based on the value of your vehicle and its year model. The rate is generally the highest in the first 3 years, as well as levels off after 5 years. Furthermore, you can be able to save about one thousand dollars through avoiding new as well as annual registration fees by purchasing a vehicle that is at least 3 years old. 

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